Sunday, November 2, 2014

SLO Reviews Begin on Friday

On Friday I will begin reviewing SLOs with individual classroom teachers during Day 6 collaboration time. These meetings will be around 15 minutes long, and Sue will send out a schedule later this week. If you haven't already, remember to submit your SLO to me through mylearningplan at least a day prior to our meeting. Specialists and special educators please set up a 15 minute meeting with me through Sue to review your SLO from November 10-21.

This week we have some items to remember. The Hudson High School Swing Choir will be performing for us at 2:15pm in the gym tomorrow. There will be no second recesses Monday because of this event. Three of our grade levels have professional development this week. On Wednesday Kindergarten has ELA PD in the am and First Grade has ELA PD in the pm at River Crest Elementary:  Room 201. On Thursday second grade has a full day PD regrading ELA and integrated units of study also at River Crest:  Room 201. Here is the link to our 2014-2015 PD Calendar. The building Tier I PBIS team is also meeting on Thursday at 8:05am in the conference room.

At our staff meeting this Tuesday we will have a little time to reflect on conference scheduling and conferences. For the benefit of year two teachers (probationary and continuing) I'll go over the student survey component of our evaluation system that is due mid December. At the end of the meeting, there will be time for a couple business items I need to cover.

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