Sunday, May 20, 2018

Final Week


Thank you for all you've done to make the 17-18 school year a successful one for our students. On Monday the petting zoo will be here from 10:00am-1:00pm. K-3 teachers have signed up for times, but there are some openings if intermediate grade levels want to try to view. Here's the schedule with the times still available. 

Our last day of school at a glance.

9:00 am - All School Meeting
10:30 am - Yearbook Signing
2:10 - 2:40 pm - Specialists covering afternoon recess for teachers.
2:45 pm - Kickball

No Specials

Finally, starting at 9:00am on Monday, certified staff can draw times in the office for checkout on Wednesday. Teachers on cycle for evaluation, who have not reviewed their end of year SLO with me, will need to do this on checkout day. Teachers not on cycle for evaluation will have their SLOs finalized after Wednesday. Please double check that you have submitted both your PPG and end of year SLO.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Last Full Week of School Updates


We are sprinting toward the end of the year with so much to do in the next week and two days. A reminder to have your end of year SLO and PPG submitted to me by 11:59pm on Monday, May 14th. 

Other events happening this week are the following:

  • Monday, May 14th:  5th Grade Track and Field at EP Rock
  • Tuesday, May 15th:  4th Grade Track and Field at EP Rock
  • Wednesday, May 16th;  4th Grade Field Trip to Warner Nature Center
  • Thursday, May 17th:  K-3 Track and Field Day, Fun Run and First Grade Field Trip to Como Zoo
  • Friday, May 18th:  Second Grade Field Trip to the MN Zoo and  5th Grade Farewell at 2:45pm
Finally here's an update on a couple of our end of year building SMARTgoal indicators. As a building, we met one of our big reading achievement goals:  55% of K-5 NH students will be above the 60 percentile on MAP (College and Career Readiness). As a building, 56% of K-5 NH students scored above the 60 percentile on the reading MAP (College and Career Readiness). Also regarding reading MAP growth, we had above average results spring 17-spring 18 for our 1st-5th graders. MAP now combines the percentage of students who met their projected RIT and percentage of projected growth met for an overall percentile called the median conditional growth percentile: as a building our students had above average growth 57% (last line of the report below). I wanted to share with you some great achievement and growth news based on your hardwork and the hardwork of your students. Bravo!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Staff Meeting, Late Start and Upcoming Events


At our staff meeting on Tuesday, we will watch a video of author Sherry Turkle Alone Together. I had an opporutnity to hear her this past summer. Her ideas were powerful regarding the impact of technology/social media, not only on our children, but also on ourselves. As we get close to summer vacation, her message may assist you, and those of you who have school age children, to find a healthy balance with technology use. Here's an interview with Sherry Turkle, in case some of you would like to know more about her ideas before Tuesday:  NPR Interview.  Here's also another NPR article regarding Lonely Americans

On Tuesday, we'll also review the school events occurring during our last three weeks of school. A reminder that our last late start is this Thursday. This time is set aside for you to work on your SLOs and PPGs. Teachers and specialists here is the link regarding your work locations on Thursday:  May 3rd Late Start.

For your end of year SLO, you'll reflect on and answer these three questions:

  • Summarize the end-of-interval status of your goal and the process you used to support the growth of your target population.
  • Were there environmental or contextual implications that impacted the results of your SLO? If so, please explain:
  • Lessons learned:

For your PPG you'll reflect on this statement:

  • Evidence of Progress Toward Professional Practice Goal:

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Teaching and Learning Updates and Late Start


     At our Tuesday staff meeting, Teaching and Learning staff will be presenting on ELA and math. Some of the topics will include ELA priority standards, the three year plan for ELA and new information on the math profiles of progress.

     During the Tuesday late start, regular education staff will be meeting with me to either fill out the online class placement surveys for their students (K-4) or filling out the AIM sheets for middle school placement (5th grade teachers). We will start promptly in the media center at 8:05 am. Here's a link to the guide that will help you with the online class placement forms. Before Thursday I will be emailing out the access to this form to classroom teachers. After I do, I will send a follow up email because the email has been coming through to teachers in their spam.

     Most special education staff will be meeting with Fafani at ASC during the late start for training on the Child Outcome Summary Form that is required by DPI

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spelling Fidelity


At our Tuesday staff meeting, prior to the suicide prevention presentation, we'll spend some time on spelling fidelity, one of our reading foundational skills SMARTgoal targets:  100% of teachers will utilize the spelling curriculum with fidelity. Most SMART Team members have already been observed teaching spelling using the form below. During the months of March and April, the rest of classroom teachers will be observed to assess where we are at with our implementation of our spelling curriculum. On Tuesday, I'll also share some of the data we've already collected from the observations done with SMART Team members.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Documentation Questions


Last week I shared with you some of our Educator Effectiveness resources. For those of you on cycle and working on your reflections, I recommend using the mylearningplan questions found at the top of your documentation log to guide your reflections. I find them user friendly and easy to follow. As a reminder, our staff meeting on Tuesday will focus on updating classroom supply lists and reviewing artifacts and documentation log writing. Please bring your supply lists to revise.

Artifact Reflection Prompts (MLP Documentation Log)
1.  Describe how this artifact provides evidence for this standard.
2.  Describe how this artifact impacted your professional practice and knowledge.

3.  Detail the impact on student learning this artifact demonstrates

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Upcoming Educator Effectiveness Items


With the early start and end to our year, some of the timelines are earlier for Educator Effectiveness components. For those of you being evaluated during the 17-18 school year, artifacts are due the first Friday in April (6th).  Below I have linked the timeline, the teacher/specialist components and artifact reflection guidance to assist you with your EE work for the rest of the year.  All of these items are also available in the tabs above this blog. 

Educator Effectiveness Timeline: Month by Month

 Educator Effectiveness Teacher Components 2017-18

Educator Effectiveness Specialist Components 2017-18

Artifact Reflection Prompts