Monday, November 20, 2017

Gratitude Game


Be ready to answer the following questions tomorrow as part of the Gratitude Game. I wanted you to have the questions prior to our staff meeting at 8:05am. Please forgive the typo on the gameboard :). 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Report Card Timeline, Math Meeting and Year Two Surveys


Here is your report card schedule for this week.

  • Grades due in Skyward by 11:59pm Monday, November 13th.
  • Report cards are printed by 9:00am on Tuesday, November 14th.
  • Report cards that need to by reprinted will be done on Wednesday, November 15th.
  • Report cards sent home on Thursday, November 16th. 
Our Tuesday staff meeting is focused on EDM4. Please bring any questions you have for Lisa from the last round of district EDM4 training. 

Finally probationary and continuing year two teachers, your student survey growth plans are due to be submitted by November 30th. Prior to completing your growth plan, you'll need to either survey students (teachers) or clients (specialists). 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Forum and Report Cards


On Monday at 8:05am, we have our first forum on the year in the media center. Also on Monday it is the NH PTO's all day Pita Pit fundraiser. Marcie Andrews is willing to pick up orders placed by North Hudson staff on this day, and bring them back to school. Tuesday is the November NH PTO meeting, and it will be held in the art room.

On Friday the early release is set aside for report card work and uploading instructional reading levels into Skyward. Below I have included the guidance on report cards sent out by Sandi Kovatch last Friday.

As you prepare for first-trimester grading and reporting, Skyward is now open and there is a specific designated time for you to work on report cards next Friday at the early release. The Office of Teaching and Learning is re-sharing these documents, which are found in your grade-level essential documents folder, so we can continue to provide high levels of support as we transition to standards-based grading, this year in mathematics and next year in all other subjects.

Even though the report card shared with you shows overall grade marks and standard/ skill marks, Skyward would not allow us to differentiate. Overall grade marks by subject will continue to be 4, 3, 2 or 1.  Grade marks for standards/skill marks will be +, M, D or -.

Report cards - November 2017 version

To assist you in determining grade marks for ELA, the progress report rubrics have been updated to reflect +, M, D and -.
This is for your reference only - not to be shared with parents or students.

In addition, to support math grading this year, Lisa created the following progress report document - Tri 1 EM4  (for teacher use only) to provide clarification in reporting on student progress for the first trimester. There is a tab along the bottom for each grade level on this document.  You will note that the standard language aligns with the report card. The statements listed under each unit are taken from the star statements from the teacher manual and/or the mastery tracker. At the bottom, you will also find links to the priority standards and mastery tracker, please refer to your ACIs and assessments for more specific information. From your Tri 1 EM4 document, any area that is shaded for all three units is automatically an NA on the report card.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

SLO Submissions and PLCs


By the at the end of the day on Tuesday your Professional Goal Setting Plan is due to be submitted. The next Educator Effectiveness item due pertains to Year 2 teachers, and it is the Survey Growth Plan due November 30th.

On Wednesday, November 1st common planning time will be devoted to essential learning work. Here's the current google document teams are using to catalog PLC planning for the year so far:  NH 17-18 PLC Products.

Below is the update from grade level teams regarding their PLC work in October.
  • K: Letters/sounds and level A sight words and getting ready to move to Level B sight words. 
  • 1st: Making connections and responding to texts. 
  • 2nd: Text to self connections
  • 3rd: Choosing just right books, sticking with chosen books, reading stamina and moving into connections.
  • 4th: Getting students into books that engage them and moving onto text features.
  • 5th: Text features and determining levels of understanding.
Finally remember we have our 3rd-5th grade dress rehearsal on Thursday afternoon and the November All School Meeting on Friday at 2:50pm. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017



I read through some different online resources to support you while preparing for parent/teacher conferences. This one from Eutopia aligns the most with what I'd want you as teachers to be able to accomplish when meeting with parents over the next couple of weeks:  Parent/Teacher Conference Blog.

At our staff meeting on Tuesday, Kelli will provide more information on our Husky Headline News streaming platform, and we will have a our second math staff meeting with Lisa Skoyen. Part of the math time in the agenda will be set aside to assist you with the talking points around standards based grading in math for conferences.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Curriculum Roll Through, Book Sale and PBIS Staff Meeting


Tomorrow you'll have your first curriculum roll through with Amy Wise and Lisa Skoyan. They will be coming to grade level classrooms during common planning time. The Hurricane Harvey book sale begins Monday in the Art Room and runs through Tuesday.

I am setting time aside at Tuesday's staff meeting to complete the PBIS Self Assessment Survey. This survey assists us in knowing where we are with our Tier I implementation of PBIS. Below is information provided by Chris Strop to prepare you for taking the survey. We will review taking the survey in the media center at 8:05am, and then I will release you to take it on your laptop in your classroom. Prior to the meeting a link will be shared with you so you can access the survey.

The SAS provides an opportunity for all staff to provide feedback to the building leadership team, can indicate priorities for improvement, and provides perceptual data from the staff around PBIS implementation for sustainability.
46 Questions/4 Categories
1.  Schoolwide
2.  Non-classroom
3.  Classroom
4.  Individual
Two questions for each statement
·Status: In place, partial, not in place
·Improvement priority: High, medium, low
·If something is "In place", it would be "low priority" for improvement.  If something is partially or not in place, it could be high, medium or low priority (you may or may not care if it is in place)

PBIS team – is available to clarify any questions you may have regarding the questions.  

Sunday, September 17, 2017



On Tuesday's staff meeting, I will review the SLO process for your late start work on Thursday. Here is the planning document for working through your Professional Goal Setting Plan

You'll complete the first three steps referenced in this document on Thursday. To prepare for our staff meeting, please read the two blog posts below from Fountas and Pinnell giving guidance on expected yearly growth and on how far teachers should go with instructional reading levels for above grade level readers. Both of these articles are helpful when thinking about your SLO goal setting for your students.

F+P Growth Guidance

Grade Level Cut-Off